History of C++ language

history-of C++ language

In this article, we are going to discuss a Brief History of C++ language. Many Programming languages appeared during the1960s. The computers at the time were still in the early stage of development. The language ALGOL 60 was developed as an alternative to FORTRAN. In1963 a language was developed known as CPL (Combined Programming language). It was more precise for particular programming tasks of that time than ALGOL or FORTRAN. But it was very difficult to learn. A developer named Martin Richards Developed BCPL (Basic combined Programming Language) in 1967 that was a simplification of CPL.

In 1970 Ken Thompson created the B language. C language was derived from B language. The basis for the development of the C language was provided by the B language. C language was Designed to write system programs under UNIX OS (Operating System). The flexibility and power of the C language made it popular in the industry for a wide range of applications. K&K (Kernighan and Ritchie) is known as the earlier version of C. The ANSI (American National Standard Institute) Developed a new version of a language. The standard version is known as ANSI C which provided many features that were not available in the older version.

Development of The C++ Language

Bjarne Stroustrup from Bell labs began the development of the C++ language in 1980. The first industrial release of the language arose in October 1985. It was named “C with Class”. It was an improvement to the C language. It allows the use of a programming method known as (OOP) object-oriented programming.

C++ language history was refined during the 1980s and it became a different language from other languages. It was very much cooperative with the code and provided the most important features of C. From 1990 ANSI committee X3J16 started the development of a particular standard for C++. In mid-1998, American National Standard Institute and ISO C++ language standards were established. This standard is used by most of the compilers used today to compile programs. C++ becomes very popular and now it is the chosen language to develop professional applications on all platforms.

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