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outriders-simple review

Welcome to my article where I give my review and keep it simple and easy. If you feel like you got a decent review of the game then please bookmark our website. In today’s article, I review a game called Outriders. The outriders is a third-person looter shooter. when you play this game you just have the option of playing through the main story, and in the main story of this game, you’re able to do missions side missions do free roam. The best part of this game is when you and your friends can drop in, and out whenever and you guys can experience what the game, all has to offer all at the same time now once you guys get into this game.

In Outriders, you have the options of choosing between four classes you have the technomancer, which specializes in long-range support, or the pyromancer which specializes in medium-range fire, or the trickster who’s more of a close-range character, and the devastator which is more of a close-range tank. In this review, I just played as a technomancer because I like the snipe and that’s the experience that I wanted.



Overall in my experience when playing in this game the combat felt amazing everything was very smooth. The weapons are very reactive, when you’re shooting them the feedback when shooting enemies felt very nice. And the abilities and aiming just felt right now as a supporting character, I kind of expected to not have as much fun as the other classes. But to my surprise my abilities were very flashy they were very strong, and I was able to give very good crowd control so basically, no matter what style of gameplay you want to play.

You’re going to benefit and feel badass while doing it each character does have a very extensive skill tree. So even if you do choose a supportive role you can kind of go down a different route in the skill tree to kind of aid to your playstyle that you’re wanting to do. I wanted to do a lot of sniper damage, and just briefly looking at the skill tree I see a path where that would be something I could do.


outriders-Is the most divisive game


When it comes to loot I didn’t experience too diverse loot while I was playing the game. This could just be because I was in the demo but I was able to find the same items over and over again, but with better stats.
I was never really bombarded with loot and the pacing of when I did get the loot felt very appropriate to the enemy’s difficulty. This game offers pretty much what you would expect from a loot-style game, you can sell all of your loot, you can dismantle your loot for resources. The loot is rare and you can compare loot stats all of this was very understandable, and very accessible when you just got into the game there were not overwhelming amounts of information.


outriders-review 2021


This game even offers challenges to do that unlock cosmetics for your character, there was a good amount of challenges. So if you like gritty style content they got that for you now, If you’re someone that enjoys cinematics and a story to the game, I felt that the story was kind of lacking and the cinematics. all that said I’d have to give this game 9 pepperonis out of 10.

This looter shooter has potential and meets the expectations, I would hope for a looter shooter. but the cinematics I feel won’t appeal to those people looking for a very story-driven and very well-done art design in the cinematics. So if you guys like the content please drop a comment in the comment section and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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