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paradise-lost review

Paradise Lost fails to take full advantage and enjoyment of its gripping premise and the eerie atmosphere of its setting, falling short of the standard set by other first-person narrated experiences released in recent years. Paradise Lost is a game that will attract fans of alternative history. The game is set in a world where World War II ended in the nuclear waste of Europe by the Nazis. Nearly 20 years after that apocalyptic situation finds you, playing as a 12-year old kid named Szymon, exploring a Nazi bunker looking in search of a mysterious man.

Paradise lost is a slightly spooky walking simulator adventure game. When you play this game you just have the option of playing in the main story, and this main story, you play as a kid who stumbles upon a nazi bunker, and from here you’re pretty much exploring finding items to piece together. The story of what happened and all while doing this you’re also trying to piece together, What happened with your mom and where is this guy that’s in a picture that you have. That shows him with your mom while navigating the bunker eventually, you’ll get to a point where you talk to someone through a microphone. And from there you’re tasked with trying to reach this person, and they’re going to help you but at the same time, this person seems to give off a very eerie vibe. And you’re not too sure if you can trust her and that’s pretty much the main story that’s kind of being developed as you’re exploring this nazi bunker.


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All this is mildly interesting it’s kind of slow when it starts but seems like there’ll be a big payoff at the end but now, when it comes to game play the game is lacking in that area the movements seem very stale. The voice acting doesn’t seem to match up with the lips, and that may be because the game maybe was originally not in English. But the game also just throws a ton of animation cut scenes in your face like the entire game.

This is pretty much just happening for most simple tasks such as climbing stairs going up a ladder or pushing a button, and this quickly becomes very tedious. The annoying part of the game, and on top of that the running in this game is barely any faster than walking. So you’re pretty much just walking through this entire game, and I know this game may be considered as a walking simulator. But at the same time, other games in that genre offer the ability to sprint around and this game needs that implemented.


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Now from my experience when I play this game, I had a good time playing it in the nazi bunker was interesting to explore and look around. But with the poor voice acting the slow movements and repetitive cut scenes for doing simple tasks, this game ends up being one of those games where it’s just so bad that it’s good. I quickly found myself enjoying just how bad the situations. This game but at the same time, the story was interesting enough where I just wanted to keep on playing. With that being said I’d have to give this game 8 pepperonis out of 10. Overall this game is not that great but the story pulls this game through to be a solid game to play.

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