Top 13 Important Features of C++

Top-13 Important Features of C++

In this article today we are going to discuses Top 13 Important Features of C++. C++ is an enhanced version of C language programming. The main idea behind creating the C++ language was to add object orientation to the C language. The major upgrades are OOP (object-oriented programming ) methodology, namespace feature, operator overloading, error & exception handling. C++ provides a structured approach to how? you can divide the problem into parts and design the solution. It provides the programmer a strong set of library functions that you can use while performing the solution.

Top 13 Important Features of C++ are as Following:


C++ is an object-oriented programming language. In object-oriented programming, the programs are written based on objects. An object is a collection and combination of data and functions. In object-oriented programming, an object may represent a person, thing, or place in the real world. In OOP (object-oriented programming), data and all possible functions on data are classified. Object-oriented programs are easy to learn and modify.

2.Modular Programming

C++ provides the facility for modular programming. It means that a program can be classified into small modules. These modules can be developed and compiled individually and then combined.

3.Standard Libraries

The standard libraries of C++ are a set of functions, constants, classes, and objects to extend the C++. These libraries can be reused very easily by any programmer for writing programs in less time.

4.Hardware Control

C++ provides heavy control of the hardware. The programmer can write effective programs to control the hardware components of the computer.


C++ is a very small language. It has a small number of keywords and programming commands. But still, it is very powerful for developing different types of programs and applications. The program written in C++ is very short as compared with other programming languages.


C++ compilers produce very fast source code. The code compilations of C++ are very efficient. This code executes very efficiently and fast. So program takes very little time to execute.

7.Popular Language

C++ is a widely-used programming language. There are many tools available for C++ programming and it’s a very powerful programming language.

8.C Compatibility

C++ language is an improved version of the C language. Any code written in C can easily be included in a C++ program with few changes.


In C++ language, we can easily call the function within the function. C++ provides code reusability for every function.

10.Convenient of C++

C++ is a very easy to use and convenient language. It provides many facilities in a more comfortable way that is difficult to use in the low-level language. Programmers can write complex programs more efficiently as compared to low-level languages.

11.Well- Structured Language

C++ is a well-structured language. Its syntax is very easy to understand. The programs written in C++ are easy to manage and modify.

12.Case Sensitivity

C++ is case-sensitive language. It means that it can distinguish uppercase and lowercase words. All types of keywords are written in lowercase. This feature makes it easier to manage the source code.

13.Machine Independence

C++ language provides you machine independence. It means that the programs, written in C++ can be executed on different types of computer systems. For example, a program written in C++language can be executed on the Intel processor and AMD processors with a few modifications. It is better to write a program in C++ preferably than machine language.

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