What is science? How science and technology related to society?

what-is science


“The knowledge that gained through observations and experiments is known as Science”. 

 The word” science” is obtained from the Latin word” Scientia”, which means knowledge. 


From the very beginning man has always been enchanted by the wonders of nature and tries to find out the truth and reality of these wonders of nature. He examines various phenomena of nature and tries to find their answers by logical reasoning.Before the eighteenth century, he discovered and studied the various aspect of material under a single subject called Natural Philosophy.But with the passage of time as the knowledge increased, natural philosophy was divided into two main streams:



This branch of science deals with the study of non-living things. Physical Science Include chemistry, climate, geology, materials, manufacturing, mechanics, earth, engineering, geography, and physics.


This branch of science deals with the study of living things. There are so many different areas of study under the sunshade of biological sciences Which include biochemistry, microbiology, and evolutionary biology.

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