World’s First AI-Powered Robotic Vacuum By Samsung

World-First AI Powered Robotic Vacuum By Samsung

Yesterday, Samsung Electronics has launched the World’s First AI-Powered Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with more powerful object recognition and operating performance based on (AI) technology for better mapping of the house and maneuvering. The Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is designed to significantly advance home cleaning duties.

The BESPOKE World’s First AI-Powered Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that can empty its dust can on its own after cleaning. It is the world’s first robot cleaner packed with Intel’s AI solution (Intel Movidius), which allows the robot vacuum cleaner to think on its own like humans.

Jet-Bot AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bot does not come with a disc-like design. It has a three-sided base that houses all the sensors including the LiDAR sensor. It is possible to select and run optimal routes according to the properties of space. The most interesting part it has an ‘Active Stereo Camera’ type 3D sensor for mapping the area and identifying different objects. In addition, The Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner also comes with two cameras, which recognize space and objects in 3D, but it also shoots other beams to recognize and space sophisticate obstacles.

 AI-Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung announces that the Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Bot can identify objects at the highest level, with more than 1 million images being pre-learned based on deep learning. It can recognize various household appliances and furnishings, including televisions, air conditioners, fridges, beds, sofas, etc. The most interesting point is that smaller items such as pet poops, socks, power wires, and glass cups can be recognized as well.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in five colors: Misty White, Satin Pink, Satin Blue, Soft Greenery, and Soft Sun Yellow.

Currently Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot available for pre-order in Korea on a $1433 price tag. Whether this vacuum robot will be available outside South Korea is not mentioned by Samsung.

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