How to Recover Deleted Data after Windows 10 Update 2021(Solution)

How-to Recover Deleted Data after Windows 10 Update 2021(Solution)

This week, Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 Update on April 2021. This introduced Windows 10 KB5001330 for version 20H2/2004, which was intended to repair problems caused by the previous Windows 10 Update 2021. Unsurprisingly, many users have started reporting issues with the new Windows 10 Update 2021 as well. Some users facing issues that the update itself can’t be installed on some systems.

Many users have reported that the 2021 update install keeps pausing itself at 20, 30%, 70%, 99, and then it fails when it reaches 100%. This new Windows 10 update is also causing problems in gaming. Video games are suffering issues of graphical stuttering, drops in frame rates, and even completely crashing. It was also causing black and blue screens for several.

Windows-10 Update 2021

It seems like some older bugs made their appearance with this update. In 2020 a bug was reported named as a ‘Temporary User’ bug and now again was spotted with the new update, which would cause files and settings to remain unsaved and force users to switch their profile to guest profile to recover them.

Methods to Recover Your Lost Data after Windows 10 Update


Method No 1: Recover Your Files Using Backup

The Best way to recover your data is to take a backup of your system before any Windows update. Even a very minor upgrade can have severe unwanted results, and as we mentioned you have to be very careful well as for larger updates and treated them carefully. Always take a backup of your system before an update, It might save you a lot of time if something goes wrong.

To prevent yourself from this reason, We recommended having automatic updates turned off so you can perform them after your data is sufficiently protected or backup.


Method No 2: Recover Files Using Data Recovery Software

The second method to recover your data files using data recovery software, Data recovery software may help you recover your lost data. Recovery software works great for Windows users with powerful data recovery functions for restoring lost data due to Windows updating. Here are some steps which you can follow to recover your data.

When you realize that you have missing files, and stop using the affected drive as quickly as possible. And think that the files seem to be deleted since they are not currently visible to your OS. 

The files still exist on the storage device. This probably allows the files to be recovered by data recovery software. If you are Continuously using the drive, It will reveal those storage locations that have been logically deleted, and it will be reused by the system. Once new files are written to those locations, you will not be able to recover the original data files.

Top 7 Data Recovery Software for Windows List:

1. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Windows
2. Recuva
3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
4. Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows
5. R-Studio for Windows
6. DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software
7. MiniTool Power Data Recovery


Method No 3: Restore Missing Files Through Windows.old Folder

Windows automatically creates a folder named Windows.old and places all data of the earlier version after each system update. The available time to access this folder is 10 days, so pay attention to the date after 10 days you won’t be able to access this folder. The folder locates in the local C drive: and this folder is very easy to navigate. 

Here are the steps to start.

Step 1. Double Click on This PC -> Drive (C:).

Step 2. Then navigate Windows.old folder.

Step 3. Find the files which are missing after Windows 10 Update. 

Step 4. Then copy and paste the files which you want to copy from each folder to a folder in Windows 10.


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